What should be avoided while betting matches?

As it is in every other aspect of life, there are rules that apply to bookmaking, proper etiquette, which determines the order between people in the world. Although there are plenty of situations, where conflicts arise, the world of sports betting isn’t such conflictive.

People often help each other, no matter if it’s personal help or through Internet forums, as well as inform what are the rules or how they change in case of sports betting. People were getting since forever.

From the beginning, when race horses were bet, through the times of wagering primarily football, to this day, when literally everything can be bet, not necessarily sport competitions but everyday situations as well. However, if we look closely to the statistics, it can be noticed that the most common matches on which we bet are volleyball, football, basketball or tennis.

The fundamental question is, what should be avoided while betting matches to not become bankrupt?


First of all, you should avoid betting big money on games that can be even. If we want to earn, it’s worth to bet higher wager on so-called banker (the situation where one team is much better than the other) and literally a very small amount on theoretically worse team. Although it is not really possible to leave without losses but by betting $3 on any team with 20.0 odds, we are going to have $60 in our pocket after that.


Yet another question arises – how to play in order to win in betting? You can even vet the local government elections. It happens that in many municipalities some mayor, or president is very respectable and people elect him with significant majority, sometimes it comes up to 90% and more. Then, it’s a very good idea to bet a huge wager on that person, for example $250 to earn 10 or 15%.

Thanks to that, we are richer by about $25-$40 and as we know, many doesn’t grow on trees.

With a budget of $2500, we can earn in this way approximately $250-$500 in one Election Day. It is surely a tasty treat for the fans of politics, which is probably more predictable than the sport in which sometimes even a sure favourites tend to have bad day and lose.

Recently completed World Championships in football are evidence. There, many favourites just failed and a lot of weaker teams cut supposedly better teams down to size.


This is beauty of football and bookmaking in its best.

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