Types of sports betting

Sports betting managed very well with the crisis and what’s more important, they are becoming more popular thanks to the Internet. That is the reason why a lot of bookmakers decide to move their business and expand it via Internet. What can we bet at bookie in these days and what types of sports and other betting we may distinguish? Can we earn some money on all of that?

Let’s take a closer look

In the art of bookmaking, there are a lot of types of sports betting. The types of betting we are talking about are usually these the most popular such as 1 x 2. What does it mean?

If there is a match between team A and team B, betting 1 means that we bet that the team A wins. If we bet x, we bet on a draw, whereas 2 is for the victory of team B. There’s a possibility to bet on 1X, X2 or 12. Other type of sports betting is also U/O, meaning it’s Under/Over. What does it mean?

We bet that in the match or any other sport discipline will be specified amount of points and if the number will be under or over the one we bet. A very important betting are also special ones.


What are these special betting all about?

These bets include particular events or particular sport disciplines. For example, we can bet the distance a ski jumper jumps in the next or how many will tennis player serve during a meeting with another player. Before we start betting, it’s worth to familiarize ourselves with all the types of systems that are available in bookmaker.


It’s very important get to know the most popular systems thanks to which you can start betting. Today, good betting is particularly important because on the contrary, you can lose a lot of money. And if we don’t want to go anywhere, let’s start online betting.

Thanks to popularization of the Internet, more and more people starting to get to know the systems for wagers at bookie. They begin to bet without leaving home. And all of that thanks to virtual bookie that is available for you today.


Sometimes, you can meet websites that offer free betting and are simulators of real bookmakers. There, instead of real money you bet points and you win points. However, there is no way to change these points on cash prizes.

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