• Large betting offer
  • Betsson is seamless bookmaker
  • Withdrawals are charge free
  • The odds in an even match 1.90 – 1.90
100 % bonus up to 50 EUR Signup Bonus
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Betsson, a consecutive offer dedicated for betting for players from all over Europe. Taking into account the experience of competition, this bookmaker seems to be “fresh” on the market. The service was established for betting users in 2006. It gained a lot of fans thanks to the possibility of using mTransfer.

Today, there are a lot more of the forms of payment. As players, we have multi-language web page at our disposal. There, we can bet all the time without any limitations. What’s more, there shouldn’t be any problems with currency, because coupons can be made in Euro, PLN, Pounds and others.

As for the bookmaking offer itself, we are going to find here very interesting offer that include football, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other sport disciplines.


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The odds of Bookmaker’s bets in Betsson?

On the pages that advertise Betsson we can find favourable opinions, however there is a division on forums. The same thing applies to the contact with support. By browsing through the reviews of players on Betsson, we can find various feedback. At the beginning of this bookmaker’s operation, most of people were satisfied with the services.


Nowadays, less and less people are willing to play here. They complain on the service – a lot of people wait too long for the answers. Generally, when we compare other online bookmakers, Betsson is typical average that doesn’t distinguish with anything special. The large flaw of theirs is limits imposed on players very quickly.

It is known that each of us wants to win. There are ups and downs. But when we read the cases of some people who place wagers, we found that these limits are just imposed too fast. Besides, winning €800 is the reason for them to limit us to make bets up to €10


Many believe that Betsson is heading towards the end. A lot of odds are copied from others. You can see there less and less professionalism. Perhaps playing low-wagers like €0.5 – €5 might be satisfying for us but when we are experienced player who uses much more money, bookmaker online Betsson is definitely an online bookmaker of poor choice. Unless we talk about short-term plays due to the rapidly increasing limits.


Tip: There is no such thing as 100% certainty!