In the search of low odds at bookmakers ;)

We are looking at many aspects while analysing the match on which we are going to bet. Usually, these are pure statistics which concerns last meetings and the current form. Except that, we browse internet forums or sports newspapers in order to find as much information as we can about the match.
We often pay attention to the odds at bookmakers as well as watching if there are downward or upward tendencies.

An interesting example is tennis. When favourites are winning the big events, their rate drops to ridiculous numbers when less prestigious events begin.
For some players these low rates is the perfect addition for the double or triple. Thanks to this, the overall course of our coupon goes up to the top and we believe that this game is just a formality. Nonetheless, it is the most common mistake in case of many beginner players – which is playing low odds.


Let’s take a look at the number of low odds that don’t go in. It is a proof that these higher odds we are all so afraid of win. Some believe that it is a bad thing, and they are right! When we thoroughly analyse a match, tennis match for example, we can notice that a lot of favourites lose their games before bigger events.
These are true daisies that happen quite often. For example, there is a course approximately 1.02 on the contender, whereas his opponent shaped a little more than 7. Of course, the player with the higher odds won the match. The same thing happens in football or handball. If given team is going to face a very important match for the Champions League soon, it’s obvious that they will pay less attention to the matches on their home turf.

However, you should follow these information on a regular basis.
It’s obvious that we do not bet so high rates on these higher odds as we were doing it so far in case of lower odds. If we are not so sure about the coupon, it’s safer to bet on the coupon fewer units. In case of tennis, we can also bet on winning at least one set on the player with big odds, what also gives us an interesting calculation.

To sum up, we shouldn’t pay so much attention to odds. Bookmakers do not have to know about everything, whereas we might have the knowledge that will determine the outcome of the final score.


Tip: It’s worth to bet only when we are rested and relaxed.

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